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Astrology is a super science beyond common sense and has been in practice since thousands of years.

Vedic Astrology is based on a very old, unbroken tradition since time, immemorial, Vedic Astrology is an appendix to the Vedas thoroughly steep in Vedic thought and Philosophy. The serious practitioner of the Vedic Astrology must have lived the life of a “Vedic Brahmana” with all its attendant spiritual practices.

Today, it is common, that anyone who knows some concept of astrology will start practising it. This is not fair. Such greedy people misguide faithful people. These incomplete astrologers are dangerous and harmful to society. For a better future, it is very important to know about anyone, that what is there in his luck? And if it is, then when? What is the real problem that is disturbing the smooth path of life?

Astrology answers all the questions regarding health, wealth, family, marriage, profession, career, Finance, Business etc. It is based on the principles and parameters that are more accurate than Western or Chinese astrology. The intricate mathematics of astrology is the source of its amazing accuracy. It does various calculations on the basis of the movement of planets, their correlation and planetary placements.

I am practising the path of Vedic Astrology and Karmakand in Mumbai, India and rest of the World. I have learned this sacred science by the divine grace and blessing from well known Vedic Astrologer and Saint, Late. PUJYA DADASHREE NARMADASHANKAR JOSHI.

Accurate predictions that open up new possibilities.

Seek answers from the right channel. My experience can help you unlock the future and gain insights.